1 How long does it take to receive IP after the payment?
You receive the IP automatically after the payment was made.
If the IP doesn’t show in your personal account page, please contact our tech support
2 What are the differences between your and competitors’ IP?
Our IP are provided individually to each customer and not for public use.
We assure you are the only users of the IP addresses you purchase from us, also those IP addresses are used for your purposes only.
Our IP can be used for different social networks without any restrictions.
Our IP are located at non overloaded servers so the response speed is way faster than at our competitors’, which is important in collecting and filtering of the information.
3 Is social networks spam acceptable?
We do not sell IP for spam because social networks have the best spam firewalls, which ban the accounts and make your work unnecessarily hard.
The administration has the right to reject the refund of payments if the reason of the refund is “spam in personal messages and/or walls”. Inviting and liking are not spam.
4 What is the minimum rental period for IP?
The minimum rental period for a IPv4 IP is 30 days
5 What is the speed of the IP?
1GBPS upto
6 How does the authorization work?
The authorization of the IP can be made using login and password or using IP.
7 Money back
1 day money back guarantee, however this doesn't applies if we detect that you have been using the IP. We refund only in case of bugs (service not working), or slow/bad service performance. If you think your IP are not working correctly, please contact our technical support. We will check and replace IP that are not working properly.
8 What type of payments do you accept?
Currently we accept major credit/debit cards through 2Checkout.
9 Can i have my IP replaced?
New IP are being provided once per billing cycle at customer request, free of charge. New batch of IP can be requested from our member area starting with the second month of subscription. You can also set your account on Auto-Refresh to receive new IP every month.

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